We’ve all seen the signs and campaigns encouraging us to ‘buy local’ or ‘support local’ in an effort to support local businesses and to keep the Halifax business community strong and vibrant.

Even at the most basic level, when one supports local, more money stays within the community, as it strengthens the economic base. Sophie’s Place has a vision to do just that.

Located on Spring Garden Road in Halifax’s downtown core, Sophie’s Place has been designed to nurture new and small businesses, while supporting the community and encouraging local prosperity.

The former home of Mills Brothers, Sophies Place provides for an eclectic array of boutique shops, services, and food and beverage outlets. 

Halifax entrepreneur, Mickey MacDonald of the MICCO Group, wanted to create a space that’s accessible and friendly to local entrepreneurs and boutique shops, while creating a high energy experience for the shoppers. 

“It’s the perfect place for people to indulge in some treats while they browse and shop through local businesses,” says MacDonald. “The district layout and building design creates for a unique customer experience that will have them coming back for more.”

While each individual shop or business has its own product or service, they all seem to compliment one another. 

Beyond the shops and businesses, Sophie’s place has played host to various events in the past and also hosts services for a discerning crowd. 

Today, Sophie’s Place remains family owned and operated, as it did in the beginning, about a 100 years ago, in 1919.

For more information on Sophie’s Place, visit http://SophiesHalifax.com