About Sophie’s Place

Sophie’s Place thrives as a place to nurture new and small businesses, while supporting the community and encouraging local prosperity.

A long time staple of Spring Garden Road, and once the home of the former Mill’s Brothers, Sophie’s Place is a place for local and small businesses to flourish, and equally an opportunity for the community to support them.

The nearly 100 (95) year old building offers shoppers a unique experience with its old fashioned exterior is juxtaposed against a unique architecture and layout giving us the charm of Spring Garden Road as once it was, while positioning it with the eclectic mix of stores & services for today.

Between the location and the types of shops and services within, it’s the perfect place for people to grab a bite to eat while they browse and purchase jewellery, fashion, accessories, etc. and receive a few services to boot.

Today, Sophie’s Place remains family owned and operated, as it did in the beginning when it was established in 1919.